More About Us
Relief Missions of Louisiana (RML) is a 510(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in Dubberly, La. and is dedicated to the improvement of lives in need, the reduction of burden to aching souls, and to service in the name of Love.


To demonstrate the infinite Love of The Divine through service, support, and sharing in times of crisis and disaster.


Organizational Overview

RML began in 2005 as a 501(c)3 non profit serving survivors of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Over the years, the service began to grow toward missions and service work in many areas throughout Louisiana, the U.S., and to crisis situations in Central America.
In 2011, RML expanded its purpose to serve others in need during disasters and crisis--whether physical or emotional, natural or man-made. Our goal is to bring peace and love through our mission to serve others.
Founded in Louisiana, RML has no paid administration and operates on an extremely lean budget in order to pass through as much of our contributions and revenue to our service projects and to those we serve. 
All contributions to RML are tax-deductible, and our projects rely heavily on the financial contributions of others. 
Our Leadership

RML is administered and led by a Board of Directors and mission- and creative-advisors from various states including Louisiana, Texas, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia. Our members come from various backgrounds including business, church/ministry, music, public service, and social service.


Our Areas of Service

RML serves both in the U.S. and in Central America. With roots in Louisiana, the organization has assisted thousands of families through direct and indirect aid following disaster, acute illness, and emotional crisis that have left families in distress and needing a boost back toward recovery and resettlement.  Following devastation in Central America left by Hurricane Stan in 2005, RML responded by establishing partnerships in Honduras and Guatemala to assist in community recovery efforts there, as well.  Individual cases are typically referred through local and national organizations; and often these cases are considered to have "unmet needs" that are, for whatever reason, not covered by the specific scope and missions of many organizations whose purse strings are often tied to foundations and government funding with certain stipulations.  To refer a case, please contact us by way of the "contact" page on this site.


Our Partner

RML is a parent organization to The MILE, The Music is Love Exchange.  The MILE is a network of artists, musicians, and music lovers affecting change in the lives of disadvantaged and underserved children, strengthening families and communities both in the U.S. and abroad. To learn more please visit 



Relief Missions of Louisiana 

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